• Clear Life Plan
  • Vision-Based Leadership
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Teaming

Working Together

Knightsbridge (KB Group Inc) combines 30 years' experience in consulting to individuals, schools, and organizations.


Our philosophy is to focus on our strengths and being good at what we do. We don't believe in compromising on our beliefs or standards just to have more business.


We offer a multitude of services including: personality assessment, team-building, visioning, and organizational analysis.


We offer the right mix of creativity and expertise. Whether bundled together or done independently, we create outstanding solutions that work in the real world.


We will gladly take whatever time you need to discuss your needs, thoughts, and plans. Call us to set up a time to meet with one of our consultants.

“The work Knightsbridge (KB Group Inc) does is simply amazing."

- Tina B.

“Our board was floored with the clear life plan that Knightsbridge (KB Group Inc) created."

- Fred H.